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How much will this program cost my company?

This employee benefit program is provided free of charge. No kidding!

So, what’s the catch?

We are often asked how we can provide this program at no charge. The answer is that our business model is based on volume and therefore we do not have to charge a “member” or “subscription” fee.

The employer has just one responsibility: to get the news about this new employee benefit into the hands of its employees. We even have tools to help you accomplish this.

How will my company benefit from this service?

Our program enables your company to provide an employee benefit without the expense or liability involved in administering this service in-house. 

Employees’ perceptions of their company are more positive as a direct result of this program. And everyone knows that when employees are satisfied with their jobs and feel appreciated, that increases employee retention and productivity.

How much will employees save through this program?

Employees will enjoy savings of up to 50% off regular admission prices. They will also avoid waiting in long lines at the gate since they will have their tickets in hand when they arrive.

How do we notify our employees about this service?

Most companies post news about our program on their intranet, in their newsletters, via email or through paycheck stuffers. We have materials to help you in this process.

How do employees purchase tickets?

All tickets we sell are available as e-tickets and can be purchased via our website 24/7/365. 

Can I advertise on the Employee Savings Tickets web site?

Advertising opportunities are available, but you must be a supplier or an affilliate of EST.